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Virtual World: Dubai’s First Virtual Reality Café Has Arrived

Virtual Reality is fast becoming one of the hottest global trends. Dubai is about to experience this popular entertainment option with the opening of Virtual World cafes.
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Abu Dubai—Virtual Reality (VR) has arrived and with it countless ways of making the most of this experience. From new types of headgear to integrated VR wear that enable people to have more of a total body experience; this technology has made the future, today.  Virtual World, Dubai’s first VR café wants to invite people to come and try this technology out in a fun-but-safe environment:

OPERATOR, PLUG ME IN. Have you ever dreamed to be immersed in the MATRIX just like the movie? Now you can do that at our VIRTUAL WORLDS lounge opening in a few days. With our sophisticated VIRTUAL REALITY technology, it’s now possible to be immersed inside the games and be the hero of your own private world.”

Patrons will enjoy the VR experience within a high tech, upscale lounge that promises not only the best in VR but the best in food and drink.  The café’s will include 11 VR booths; ready to help those who wish to explore new worlds have the experience of a lifetime.  For those who have never experienced virtual reality, the café will introduce them to a technology used, not only for gaming, but also therapy, sales, fitness, and stress relief.

“We have sophisticated equipment that will really show off this technology at its best,” says Virtual World owner Rami Hefni  “We’re excited to be the first VR club in the Middle East, but we’re also happy to present this technology in a way that people can experience it with joy and safety.”  The café owners encourage people to check out the website and make their plans early.  The opening will be on Friday 18th of November here and is sure to attract a crowd.

For more information:

Facebook: virtualworlds.ae
Instagram: Virtualworldss.ae
Twitter: virtualworlds.ae

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