Empowering women to live life fully is being offered at Boca Regional’s Christine E. Lynn Women’s Health and Wellness Institute, a touchstone in Women’s Health.  Under the direction of Barb Schmidt, noted meditation teacher and mindfulness activist, the wellness series was launched in 2016 and has presented over 30 workshops with nearly 2,000 participants and has covered topics such as Meditation Skills, Happiness, and East Meets West in Medicine. The taped segments are being streamed into hospital rooms on the in-house television network.  National leaders in Mindful and Peaceful are now being recruited and Glennon Doyle who is a #1 New York Times bestselling author with her memoir Love Warrior, which was chosen as one of Oprah’s Book Club picks for 2016.  She is the founder of Momastery.com, creator and president of Together Rising and has connected with families in need with millions of dollars in critical resources.

Glennon Doyle spoke to a sold out Peaceful Mind Peaceful Living crowd at the auditorium on the campus of Lynn University, Boca Raton.  The crowd consisted of notables within the community including presenting sponsor, Elaine J. Wold,  Mayor Hayne of Boca Raton,  seated chair members at Boca Regional Hospital as well as Lynn’s Women’s Health and Wellness Institute and many in the community looking to connect and listen to conversation that was not only empowering but offered with it  incredible real advise. In an informal, sit down setting Barb Schmidt and Michelle Maros constructed questions that ranged from coping, hope, leadership, problem solving and creating solutions. Glennon spoke for nearly 2 hours and her universal truth through storytelling reminded all to share your experience and believe in ourselves, to be brave and kind, and to let go of the idea of perfection and to stop pretending that life isn’t harder by pretending it’s not hard.

 Here is a sample:

Q: How do you find vision and keep balance while working towards it?

A: Go inside to find your vision. What is true? What is beautiful? If you can imagine it then that IS the plan not and indoctrination created by an old story you once heard about yourself and you came to believe.

Q: When life takes you out what brings you back?

A: Unbecoming: Really growing up. Transformation is inside the hot loneliness. Use this to learn not to become broken but rather to transport and heal.

The floor was opened up for the last 30min with a public Q&A. Women who got up to ask questions ranged from practical advise to those standing on the very brink of life changing decisions. Glennon shared how in her most low time a trusted friend reminded her that in fact she had the inner strength to guide herself and to never give up and never hit the “easy button” by using methods of coping that will not let you feel the pain and anguish of the moment.

Doyle says “Hitting the easy button robs us of the chance to breakthrough. The process is a brutal one and on the other […]