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by Zoe Tomas3 April 2017

Artline Ltd is an art and frame company that not only provides premier art for the home but also therapeutic art for memory care. The company has recently announced the promotion of William Welch to position of company president.


Waukesha, WI-04/01/2017—ArtLine, Ltd. is a wholesale manufacturing company for framed art, case goods and interactive therapeutic art for people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and different forms of dementia. The company was started 25 years ago by Katherine Thiel. Since that time ArtLine, Ltd. has become one of the largest art companies in the United States and the only company to have created an entire collection of therapeutic art for memory care facilities. Her son, William Welch has worked in the family business for 17 years as its Operations Manager and is now ready to take on the leadership role of company president.

“We are all pleased to announce the promotion of William Welch to Artline CEO. He has contributed to the stability and growth of this company over the last two decades and we know that his knowledge and commitment to the mission of Artline and its business goals will carry us successfully into the future.” ~Katherine Thiel

Artline Ltd seeks to provide those goods and services which will help caregivers develop a holistic, healing environment that nurtures who individuals who are challenged by Alzheimer’s and dementia. The interactive artwork and showcase materials have been well received and employed by centers and caregivers all over. The company may be best known for its memory artwork, but it also provides design and installation services for individual homes and businesses.

“Artline Limited is not just a business to me. It is a way to help people in this world hold on to beauty when their lives become fearful and challenging. We do good work and I want Artline to continue to provide these types of services and care to others, as well as, broaden our reach through education. Art has always been a tool for healing and I never forget that. I welcome this new role and look forward to the future of our company.”

~William Welch

For more information about Artline Ltf, visit:


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